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Jubilee x Glasgow Square Anniversary Bash

The Riverfront Jubilee and Glasgow Square Theatre are joining forces to celebrate the anniversary of a partnership that has been bringing live performing arts to New Glasgow since the Jubilee’s inception in 1995 and the opening of Glasgow Square in 2001. The Jubilee will be back in 2022 with their 25th anniversary festival, but this September, let’s get together and look back on three decades of live music in our local community.

Saturday, September 11 marks 20 years since Glasgow Square’s doors opened; to mark the occasion, we’re bringing in an all-Nova Scotian lineup of artists guaranteed to satisfy your appetite for live music – something we’ve all been waiting for since the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside-down.


  • Kiju Boyz – 7:00 – 7:20 PM
  • The Collective – 7:35 – 8:20 PM
  • StoneHouse – 8:35 – 9:20 PM
  • THE STANFIELDS – 9:35 – 10:50 PM
  • NEON DREAMS – 11:05 PM – 12:20 AM


Riverfront Jubilee 2021 Cancellation Statement
It was almost a year to the day that we announced, “Back together in 2021”. We wanted nothing more than for that to be our reality. As a volunteer board of music-lovers we wish this was an announcement to release our lineup to you all for 2021.

Until the most recent COVID-19 situation in Nova Scotia, we had every intention of putting together three days of amazing Nova Scotian talent, complete with a health and safety plan in line with all NS regulations.

We have made the hard decision to cancel. The vaccine rollout in Nova Scotia and across the country is going well and we believe by 2022 we will be back to ‘Rock the River’ once again, together and safely.

If you currently have tickets from our 2019 Christmas sale or have won tickets over the last year we will continue to honor those going forward. If you wish to receive a refund for tickets purchased please email board.jubilee@gmail.com for more information.

Message from the Riverfront Jubilee Board of Directors Chairperson

Music is something that brings us together. In Pictou County, the Jubilee is the event that does just that: it brings people together and brings people home. Patron safety is always a top priority with our board, cancelling the event is a disappointing, yet necessary decision we needed to make.

This sting’s us particularly as we were gearing up to celebrating our 25th Anniversary this summer. In March, we held off announcing our lineup due to the unknowns of what COVID-19 would bring. However, we know this is the right choice for our patrons, volunteers, performers and supporters.

The stress on the Canadian economy has been felt in Pictou County and we could not ask our loyal sponsors and supporters to make donations or offer services, when many of these businesses have needed to change their operational behaviors or close in the face of COVID-19.

For those of you who supported the Riverfront Jubilee during Christmas 2019 – thank you! Your ticket packaged will be honoured at the next Riverfront Jubilee or requests for refunds can be made.

You know when your favourite CD got scratched and wouldn’t play? That’s how we feel right now., but we’re in this together and look forward to when we can come together again along the riverfront and celebrate our 25th Anniversary! And we will CELEBRATE!

The world is working through unprecedented times which call for unprecedented decisions to be made. The board will continue planning the 2021 festival, and will keep patrons up-to-date on the Riverfront Jubilee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and at thejubilee.ca.

– Janine

Janine Linthorne
Riverfront Jubilee

Cancellation Frequently Asked Questions

Why cancel the festival? Why not postpone? 

While other events announced postponement rather than cancellation, the Riverfront Jubilee board of directors was not comfortable postponing because of the uncertainty around the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, there are multiple open-ended travel restrictions between provinces and the Riverfront Jubilee relies not just on local support, but regional support for patrons, vendors and artists. In addition, the nature of the location of the festival gives us a small window to be able to postpone. As this is an outdoor festival in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, the board of directors recognized that postponing into Fall 2020 is not likely possible based on restrictions being lifted for large scale events and if it were, weather cooperation would be unlikely. 


Is it possible for the Jubilee to reschedule later this year? 

The Riverfront Jubilee is a complicated event to run. Not only does the Riverfront Jubilee rely on patrons to make this festival the successful weekend it has become, but the event relies heavily on the local business community. The stress on the Canadian economy has been felt in Pictou County and the Riverfront Jubilee board of directors felt they were not in the position to ask the sponsors and supporters to make donations or offer services, when many of these businesses have needed to change their operational behaviors or close in the face of COVID-19.  


Is the Riverfront Jubilee going to be okay? 

The best answer we can give you at this time is: We think so. The Riverfront Jubilee nevertheless has expenses and hard costs related to the event, even in the face of cancellation. The Jubilee is a not-for-profit event and each year we rely on ticket sales and sponsorship dollars to pay for expenses and hard costs for the fiscal year. There are some costs which will be unrecoverable and will put a financial strain on the society. We are hopeful and have been working with all levels of government to access any available funding. 


What can I do to support the Riverfront Jubilee? 

The Riverfront Jubilee is made up of many working parts. Hundreds of volunteers work hard each year to ensure the festival is the best it can be for the patrons attending. In the future, consider volunteering with our great volunteer team for the festival weekend. Right now, the best way you can support the Riverfront Jubilee is to support local businesses and Canadian music artists. We will try to make it easy for you to find local businesses who support the Riverfront Jubilee on social media by sharing their accounts and pages throughout the next several months. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


If you are interested in making a monetary donation or would like more information on sponsoring the event in the future, email our administrator at board.jubilee@gmail.com


I purchased tickets during the Christmas promotion, how do I get a refund? 

If you purchased a ticket package and would like to receive a refund, please email board.jubilee@gmail.com to obtain a refund form. Once you return the form a cheque will be mailed to you. Alternatively, you can keep your tickets and we will honour them at the next festival. 


You didn’t answer my question, how can I get in touch with you? 

Please email jubemedia@gmail.com for anything we may have missed. Please be patient with us if we do not get back to you right away, as we are a board of volunteers.

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